How to Clean Glass Cookware

Cleaning glass cookware can include skillets, small and large pots and pans, casserole dishes, glass coffee pots, coffee carafe, coffee decanter, Dutch ovens, flower vases, glass cups, glass table tops, glass windows, and more.

Learning how to clean glass is worthy of knowing to prevent scratches, a cloudy appearance, and etching that can happen using dishwasher soap.

Use my tips for cleaning glass listed below to prevent or remove damage done in the past. Your glass cookware cleaning will be easy to do preventing it needing to be done in the future to always look sparkling and unblemished.

How to Clean Glass Cookware

After time, your methods for cleaning your glass cookware will leave them hazy, scratched, and stained. You will never be able to remove scratches however; they are now etched into the glass.

The tips below will have your glass cookware looking new and stains removed.

You will need:

  • Clear or apple cider vinegar, any brand
  • Dishwashing liquid, any brand
  • Chlorine bleach, any brand
  • Ammonia, any brand
  • Baking soda

Go with the product for your problem for best results.

Action 1

Removing coffee stains are hard to do from the bottom of the pot using the dishwasher.

Your coffee maker could be a percolator or a drip-type coffee maker with glass pot. I have the vintage CorningWare® pot with blue flowers that I use for tea and it really stains. After running my pots through the dishwasher, I soak the bottom and inside with bleach in the kitchen sink. If you put your aluminum inserts in the dishwasher, they will come out dull and lose their shine. Just use bleach with those.

For my Mr. Coffee® glass carafe, I use about 1/3-cup bleach and fill the rest of the pot with hot water and put in the sink so not to bleach the countertops. I let mine sit overnight. If the stain isn’t completely gone the next morning, add more bleach.

Never use abrasive cleaners on glass! These would be scouring powder, steel wool, SOS® and Brillo® soap pads, and knives.

Removing water marks from hard water minerals on glass cookware, table tops, glasses, and other glass items will be gone when you use a cotton washcloth with pure vinegar on it, rub, and towel dry.

If the marks are old, let vinegar sit in/on the item overnight.

Action 2

You can use liquid dish soap if you don’t have bleach to clean glass cookware. When you do use bleach alone, be sure to wash the item with dish soap afterwards and rinse; or put in the dishwasher to clean before using again. Usually, dish liquid alone will not remove old stuck-on stains.

Action 3

To clean off heavily burned food on glass cookware disasters, let the glass item soak in very hot liquid detergent sudsy water overnight. That should remove most of the gunk.

If it didn’t work, fill the cookware with water, add a few squirts of liquid dish detergent, and bring to a boil without stirring making suds letting it continue a rolling boil for up to 5-minutes. Let it cool, then drain and rinse the cookware.

If that didn’t work either, try 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the glass cookware, fill with water, and boil about 5-minutes. Let it cool, then drain and rinse the cookware.

Action 4

Fill the item with water and let it boil. That should loosen all the burned-on food and grease. Wash as usual.

Ammonia will usually remove badly burned grease and food from glass cookware and glass bakeware. Use full strength on the area and let it sit in another room, such as the laundry room, so that you don’t smell the fumes it creates.

Action 5

Mineral deposits usually calcium from hard water requires undiluted vinegar to remove. Boil the vinegar in the glass cookware for 10- to 15-minutes and let cool before draining and washing. It might take the entire bottle of vinegar if your area of coverage is large.

Useful Tip

Use a nylon scrubbing pad to scour stubborn stains, since it won’t scratch glass cookware with more cleaning ability to scrub more effectively than with a cloth.

To get the gunk off at the words on bakeware, use a small wire cleaning brushIt will remove everything in nooks, lines, and crevices.

Do not use on smooth parts of glass or it will scratch.

I love this brush for the rim edging of glass pie plates.

None of my glass bakeware or cookware has any spots and they look brand new.

Below are good cleaning videos.

Holiday deep clean for all glass bakeware video.

How to get rid of mineral deposits from glassware/vases using Alka-Seltzer® tablets. The effervescent bubbly action works!

Alka-Seltzer® video.

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